‘Assam State Data Policy, 2022’ Approved For Data-Driven Governance & Policy-Making; Check-Out Key Cabinet Decisions 

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The Assam Cabinet has approved the ‘Assam State Data Policy, 2022’ to improve data access, its utilization and ensuring efficient delivery of services; which will lay the foundation for a data-driven governance and policy-making.

It will enable collection, collation, processing & storage of data in machine readable format; a move which emphasizes designating a ‘Chief Data Officer’ for the State along with Data Officer in each Department to ensure compliance to Data Standards with support from proposed Centre for Data Management.

This decision has been undertaken during a weekly state cabinet meeting held on Tuesday; under the chairmanship of state Chief Minister – Himanta Biswa Sarma.

As per an official bulletin, the state cabinet has undertaken key decisions throughout a myriad of sectors. It has also approved the ‘Vehicle Scrappage Policy of Assam, 2022’ to ensure proper dismantling & scrapping of operations of End of Life Vehicles.

In order to ensure effective implementation of Registration & Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF), Policy to reduce vehicular pollution and phase-out unfit & polluting vehicles, thereby promoting recycling of vehicle scrap in an eco-friendly manner.

Besides, the state government will also launch a ‘One-Time Settlement’ scheme for a specified time period, so that owners are given tax waiver upto 75% against their outstanding/arrear dues (if any) on voluntary offer of their vehicles to RVSF.

Remuneration will be enhanced for Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons and elected Commissioners of Municipal Boards by Rs 5000 to ensure proper remuneration of elected members. For the post of Chairperson, the proposed remuneration is Rs 15,000. While, for the post of Vice-Chairperson & Elected Commissioner, the remuneration will be enhanced to Rs 12,000 & Rs 10,000 respectively.

‘Assam Renewable Energy Policy, 2022’ approved to create an ecosystem to propel growth of Renewable Energy (RE) Power Sector. The policy aims to install aggregate RE of 1,200 MW within 5 years.

The Grid Connected Solar Power will have target capacity of 620 MW. Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant, and Off-Grid Solar Applications will have target capacity of 300 MW & 80 MW respectively. While, other renewable energy will have 200 MW.

The ambitious ‘Mukhyamantri Souro Shakti Prokolpo’ will install 1000 MW on free Government lands announced in 2022-23 State Budget.

Besides, the cabinet has also approved the identification of 5 Assamese Muslim sub-groups – Gorlas, Moriyas, Jolhas, Deshis, and Syeds as indigenous Assamese Muslim communities in line with the recommendation of 7 sub-groups/Committees constituted by State Government. This move will ensure their development in health, cultural identity, education, financial inclusion, skill development and women empowerment.

As a gesture of gratitude towards Ex-Servicemen for their service to the nation, amendment bills for Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1969 and Assam Municipal Act, 1956 to be tabled to exempt former servicemen/widows from paying property tax.

The Assam Government has also decided to approve the collaboration between Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) under SIDBI and state government for providing additional guarantee coverage for loans given by lending institutions to Micro and Small Units in Assam and creation of a Corpus Fund of Rs 100 Crore – 80% from CGTMSE & 20% from Assam Government.

Assam Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Ltd authorized to enter into an MoU with SIDBI.

In-principle approval to adjustment of outstanding dues recoverable from consumers of APDCL for FYs 2021-22 and 2022-23 to reduce losses of APDCL. The proposed waiver for FY 2021-22 will cost the state government of Rs 309.86 Crores. It will facilitate assessment of actual arrear amount without any adverse impact on performance indices of APDCL vis-a-vis State Exchequer.

Meanwhile, APDCL has also been directed to collect Aadhaar and EPIC details for all new connections and update the same for old/existing connections.

The cabinet has also approved creation of a Venture Capital Fund worth of Rs 200 Crores via an MoU to be signed between SIDBI and AIDC Ltd.

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