Nagaland : Awareness Lecture On ‘Agnipath Scheme’ Organized At Shamator

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

“The power of youth is the common wealth for the Nation”. In continuation to Perception management activity, the Shamator Battalion of Assam Rifles initiated the efforts to reach-out to the youth via employment avenues, in which Career opportunities in the Armed Forces : Agnipath Scheme was disseminated by a structured presentation on July 7 at Town Hall, Shamator.

The youth of this far-flung village, owing to its hilly terrain and labour intensive daily schedules can contribute immensely into the forces.

The Battalion introduced youths to the Agnipath Scheme, implemented recently into the Defense Forces.

Through the initiative, the youths who might otherwise lament the lack of job possibilities can integrate with the nation’s mainstream youth, helping to advance their society and securing their families’ financial stability for the future.

Major Manish, Adjutant 14 Assam Rifles took the presentation which was attended by 60 college students of Shamatore area.

This effort of the Battalion was whole-heartedly welcomed by the local populace, who attended the lecture to know about the nuances of the newly-launched Scheme. All queries about the scheme was resolved by the Battalion.

In the end of the presentation, Col BV Anand Reddy Commandant 14 Assam Rifles interacted with students and motivated them for the career in armed forces.

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