Sikkim : Former CM – Pawan Chamling Conferred With ‘Dr Dilli Raman Regmi International Peace Award’ In Nepal

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The former Chief Minister of Sikkim – Pawan Kumar Chamling have been conferred with the prestigious ‘Dr Dilli Raman Regmi International Peace Award’ today in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Organized by the Nepal Ministry of Education, this event honours the renowned historian of Nepal, who dedicated his life to research, study, writing and politics.

Speaking at the programme, Chamling urged Nepal Government to initiate organic cultivation and include it as a subject in the school curriculum, in an attempt to raise awareness about the  concerned endeavour.

“We should get rid of consumerism and economic colonialism by making efforts at self-dependence. I urge authorities in Nepal to adopt organic Farming.” – he stated.

“As non-chemical manure is used for such farming, the cultivator concerned would automatically be compelled to domesticate cattle for cowdung, goats, pigs and more. This would lead to increase in meat production and further self-dependence. It needs public participation and political will,” – he further added.

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