Assam : Solar-Powered Fences Installed Along Goalpara Hamlets; To Mitigate Human-Elephant Conflict 

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The northeastern state of Assam has always been a stronghold of Asian elephant populations. But with changing land-use patterns, urbanization and significantly increasing human population; human-elephant confrontations have also risen exponentially, often leading to property damages and loss of human lives.

In order to mitigate such deadly conflicts, the leading wildlife Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) – Aaranyak with assistance from the Koachpara Village Community, have installed 2-km  long solar-powered fences around Kashibari-Kochpara in Assam’s Goalpara district.

This barrier, which improves food security and lessen conflicts between humans and wild elephants, will directly benefit nearly 200 residents of the hamlet and households in four neighbouring communities.

The Assam Forest Department, local communities, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service provided significant assistance in the erection of solar-powered fencing.

It was formally inaugurated by the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Goalpara – Jitendra Kumar on Friday, in presence of other forest officials.

Following the inauguration, this solar fence was handed over to the Kashibarisolar fencing committee for maintenance.

Additionally, the DFO and Range Officer appealed the local populace for proper maintenance of the fences.

Meanwhile, a specialist on solar-powered fence – Anjan Baruah also emphasized the need of fence maintenance and the crucial involvement of the villagers.

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