Assam : Floods, Landslides Caused Damage Worth Of Rs 10,000 Crores; Asserts Officials 

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The flood crisis and massive landslides in Assam this year, which is among the worst witnessed by the state in decades, have caused damage worth several thousand crore rupees.

Since April 2022, Assam has witnessed significant rainfall, which has triggered flood crisis in 34 of the state’s 35 districts and landslides in 11 districts.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) noted that Assam witnessed an average rainfall of 2063.8 mm from March 1 through July 11 of this year.

Floods have resulted into the deaths of 173 people, while landslides have claimed the lives of another 19 lives, bringing the death toll to 192. Another 37 persons are missing in 13 districts—most of them are most likely dead.

Overall 200 embankments have been breached across the state. While, 193 bridges and 3,611 roads were damaged by the flood waters.

“The scale of flooding and landslides this year in Assam has been almost unprecedented. We are still tabulating the losses suffered across the state, but it could be anywhere around Rs 10,000 crore,” informed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) – GD Tripathi.

However, Tripathi asserted that as because parts of the state are still flooded and the monsoon season is still on, the figures are likely to change and final details will be available only around October.

Floods washed away 53,781 domestic animals in the affected districts, adding to the misery of residents. A total crop area of 240,096 hectares was submerged by flood waters.

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