Meghalaya : Short Film – ‘The Intern’ To Address Gender-Sensitivity Issues; Normalizing Queer Representations 

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In order to promote cinema as social force, queer films have always believed in exhibiting narratives with outstanding treatment of human psychology through exquisite cinematic terms with an aura of brevity, artistic brilliance, and queer societal challenges.

Similarly, The Intern – a short film addressing the gender-sensitivity issues and normalizing queer representations, aims to break the societal conventions.

The narrative follows a nun as she travels the path of self-realization, which is a unique mean to “disassemble an institution of power and authority”.

Directed by Gaurav Kuri, the film features core actors – Prerna Sunar, and the costume manager Nikita Gadal, both residents of Shillong.

Brimmed with disillusionment, ‘The Intern’ questions the identity of a nun who starts to hunger for fresh discoveries. As she undergoes an awakening, everything else is put to question with complicated consequences. This film intends to look closer at a parting dialogue between two lovers.

Set in a convent school, the movie was initially made as a part of an academic project at Roopkala Kendro – a film school in West Bengal.

According to Kuri, The Intern through somber shot compositions and execution, establishes a kind of cathartic mood.

“It was made to prepare the viewers for the final ceremony of separation; to establish a mood that would lead them on a cathartic journey,” he says.

“In order to achieve the goals of the story, I had to create a sort of ‘institution,’ a visual one in this case, that might somehow take the form of a school operated by nuns. The nuns and the students at this school live by rules and roles. The nun was an appropriate choice for the main character since she discovered that life is more complicated than she had previously believed. The plot is driven by her transition and disobedience of authority. After all, aren’t regulations supposed to be broken?” Kuri claims.

“While perfecting the craft of storytelling is challenging, anyone who is passionate about creating and growing stories may succeed. But in order to effectively narrate a tale, one must comprehend why it needs to be told in the first place. For instance, it’s obvious why The Intern needs to be told : No one is alone; whatever your personality, individuality, there is always a tribe out there that will resonate with you,” Kuri added.

However, the short film is all set to be screened on August 15 at 7 pm IST in the IFFSA Toronto site :

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