Arunachal Pradesh : Remove Word ‘Beef’ From Restaurant Signboard By July 18; Directs Naharlagun Authorities 

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The Naharlagun sub-division of Arunachal Pradesh has ordered the restaurant owners to take the word “beef” off from their signboards; in order to avoid offending religious sentiments of some sections of the community.

According to an order issued by the Executive Magistrate of Naharlagun – Tamo Dada, the concerned decision has been made based on the “secular spirit” of the Constitution.

“Whereas, District Administration of ICR believes in the secular spirit of our Indian Constitution but such open display of word beef on the signboards of such Hotels and Restaurants may hurt the sentiments of some sections of the community and may create animosity between different groups of community,” – the order informs.

“Therefore, so as to maintain peace in the community and to continue the spirit of secularism and brotherhood within the community, I Shri Tamo Dada, Executive Magistrate, Naharlagun Sub-Division hereby direct all such Hotels and Restaurants who has written the word BEEF on their signboards to remove such word by 18/7/2022,” – it further reads.

“Failing which a fine of Rs 2000 (Rupees Two thousand only) and cancelation of such Trading license will be initiated,” – added the order.

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