Tripura Gets ‘Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility’; Ensuring Scientific Disposal Of Hospital Garbage  

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In order to ensure safe and proper disposal of hospital garbage, the Tripura Government has constructed a bio-medical waste treatment plant in Debendra Chandra Nagar, situated in the outskirts of Agartala.

According to the Member Secretary of Tripura State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) – Bishu Karmakar, this is the second facility-of-its-kind in the northeast. The other such facility is erected in Assam.

Waste from all state hospital will be transported here for scientific disposal.

Meanwhile, 20 incinerators have been installed in different hospitals, which produce a greater amount of liquid waste. This project will include all district hospitals.

Prior to its installation, the garbage was disposed of utilizing the “deep burial” method. Some of the sub-divisional hospitals is also expected to come soon under the purview of this project.

Additionally, we are setting-up seven effluent treatment plants (ETPs) across different locations to manage hospital liquid residuals effectively. – he declared.

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