NPF Party Stands For Welfare Of Nagas; Founded During Worst Turmoil Of 1960s : NPF Leader – Azo Nienu 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

Leader of NPF Legislature Party and Co-Chairman of UDA, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today claimed that NPF is the only political party that is keeping alive the Naga political issue and for which the NPF was given birth in the Naga soil during the worst turmoil in 1960’s.

Speaking to a jam-pack Peren town hall during the party’s re-organization of Peren Division, the leader said that NPF is not a party that chase after power or position but stood for the cause of the Naga people and the welfare of the Naga people as its priority.

He also said that NPF does not belong or is control by any individual or leader but the party belongs to the Naga people and pointed out that any Naga people is welcome to the NPF and can anytime shelter themselves in the party.

The leader also stated that since the party is deeply rooted to the Naga society, with or without its representative in the State Assembly, the NPF party will exist and continue to work for the Naga people and its well-being and adding that though, 21 MLAs defection to NDPP, the grassroot of the party is still intact.

The Chief Ministerial candidature of the NPF also expressed that though the ruling Government party running strong, many of its office bearers resigning and joining the NPF is an indication of lack of confidence on its leadership and the survival of the party.

Azo Nienu also maintained that, the major political parties in the state like BJP, may have their roots in India but no roots in Nagaland and the other, the NDPP, its existence is only in the initial period in the Naga society, therefore, NPF signify the only viable political that is surviving and battling for the true cause of the Naga people.

The NPF leader is also of the optimistic that NPF will form the next Government.

Achumbemo Kikon, Secretary General while reiterating that NPF belongs to the entire Naga people has stated that Naga people should take the privilege to be a part of the NPF party.

He also mentioned that NPF has given a platform for the Nagas to be united under the party and thus the party has given the Nagas an opportunity to express the Naga nationalism, he said adding that NPF has created a platform for all the inhabited Nagas emotionally united.

Therefore, the Secretary General called upon the people to take the responsibility to push forward the NPF for the better future of the Naga people.

It may be mentioned that, today’s programme is significant, for the NDPP leader led by the Peren Region Vice President Iteichu Zeliang and the other NDPP leaders have resigned and join NPF in reorganizing the NPF Peren Division.

Earlier, the programme was chaired by Iteichu Zeliang, invocation prayer by Yangsai, Pastor UBC Peren and benediction prayer was offered by Itingau Paul, touring Catechist ST. Paul Perish Peren. Speeches were also delivered by Thepfuselie Makritsu, NPF Peren Division incharge, Akho Leyri, General Secretary Central and Kehung Hegui.

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