Relocation Of Harijans Into Mawbah – ‘Congested Locality’ Is Not Yet Final : Meghalaya Deputy CM 

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The Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister – Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday noted that move to relocate 342 families from Sweeper Colony at Shillong to a region, adjacent to TB Hospital at Upper Mawprem is not yet final.

He remarked the statement, during a meeting with a delegation of the Dorbar Shnong of Mawbah along with local MLA Mohendro Rapsang.

The delegation strongly condemned the move to grant 3 acres of land in Mawbah for relocation of the Harijaan inhabitants (residents of Sweeper Colony) from Them Iew Mawlong.

“In the meeting, we have listened to the voices of the people of Mawbah and a unanimous decision was taken to oppose the move of the government to allocate 3 acre of land near the R.P. Chest hospital in Mawbah,” said Syiemlieh.

The Dorbar Shnong is opposed to the relocation plan for a number of reasons, including the fact that the area is already densely populated.

“The decision to relocate 342 families of Harijan Colony to Mawbah in Shillong is not the final decision and their concerns will be looked into,” Prestone Tynsong said.

“The deputy chief minister has told us that TB Hospital is one of the locations out of many identified for settlement of residents and the decision to relocate has not been finalized yet,” – informed the legislator Mohendro Rapsang.

“There are currently more than 14,000 people living in Mawbah, and if the state government relocates another 300+ families, the neighbourhood would become congested, making life difficult for everyone who lives there,” – asserted Syiemlieh.

Its worthy to note that Tynsong heads the high-level committee (HLC) that is dealing with the pending issue of relocating the 342 families from the disputed Them Iew Mawlong / Harijan Colony.

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