Arunachal Pradesh : ‘Mission Krishi Veer’ Intends To Deliver Organic Products To Soldiers; Enhancing Farmers’ Revenues 

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The ‘Mission Krishi Veer’ – is a flagship effort aiming to deliver organic fruits and vegetables to the  personnel of Indian Army posted in the Kameng sector (comprising Tawang, West Kameng and some regions of East Kameng district).

Launched by the Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Board (APAMB) on Tuesday, this initiative is believed to play a crucial role into strengthening the bond between the indigenous tribal cultivators and the soldiers deployed along the border; thereby fostering trust and harmony while decreasing post-production and logistical losses by raising the farmers’ incomes.

In order to utilize local surplus production to meet the demands of soldiers, the board will serve as a mediator between the Large Area Multipurpose Society (LAMPS) and the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) under the ArSRLM in the implementation of the scheme.

Attending the launch programme, the Minister of Panchayati Raj – Bamang Felix urged the APAMB to emphasize the need of maintaining a steady stream of production, supply, marketing, and monitoring.

“The continuity should be there, whether production, supply and marketing are continuing. This should be a model for others. If supply to army is successful, it will cover all over India,” Felix said.

“Involving SHGs is a terrific endeavour to make the project succeed,” – he added.

He asked the rural development secretary to “give clear instruction to project director and DPDO to monitor the mission and support it.”

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