Mizoram Police Cautions On Scammers; Luring Public With Jobs In Abroad 

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

The Mizoram Police has cautioned the masses about a gang of scammers, attempting to lure people with jobs in foreign countries.

According to an official statement issued by the Mizoram Police, “some people are enticed/lured to travel/work in foreign countries by unscrupulous Agencies/Operators on the promise of providing them with well-paid jobs. But upon reaching foreign country, they withhold their passports/travel documents and forcefully make them work as per their dictates by any means, and threatened that they would have to pay heavy fines, otherwise they also do not allow them to return to their home land.”

The statement also appealed to the public that travelling and working in foreign countries without proper documentation and paperwork is illegal; and is considered as serious violation of law, creating serious complications in the processes of their deportation back to India.

Meanwhile, they further elaborated that the Law Enforcement Agencies are often compelled to register cases against them, even after their arrival to home land as per laws.

Mizoram Police has made an appeal to be mindful of those agencies who offer fraudulent placements and employments; as such offers could even lead to human trafficking.

“They fervently advise persons seeking employment in foreign countries to scrupulously follow legal procedures and obtain legal documentations besides checking the credentials of sponsoring individuals and agencies; and assured that in case of any assistance required, local police can always be contacted,” – the statement further reads.

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