Tripura : BJP Leader – Arun Bhowmik Seeks Dismissal Of Education Minister; Over Transfer Of 2 Faculties From ‘Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College’

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The senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Belonia – Arun Chandra Bhowmik has expressed strong resentment over the role of Minister – Ratan Lal Nath, and publicly called-for his dismissal from the state cabinet.

According to sources, the key reason behind the grudge deals with the transfer of two assistant professors from Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College, which comes under the jurisdiction of his constituency.

An alumni of the concerned institution, the lawyer-turned politician remarked that “despite the acute shortage of faculties, two assistant professors have been transferred.”

Addressing the mediapersons, Bhowmik asserted that “Arup Patari and Prabir Roy have been transferred arbitrarily. The minister is well aware of the hardships, the college is experiencing due to a lack of faculties, and recently ordered the transfer of two subject teachers for Physics and Education. He even misbehaved with me over the phone, when I tried to persuade him.”

He claimed that, as an education Minister – Nath’s role is detrimental and therefore, he should immediately be replaced by educated leaders, like – Speaker Ratan Chakraborty or Information and Cultural Affairs (ICA) Minister – Sushanta Chowdhury.

He also claimed that it was not the first time he faced such a humiliation at the hands of Nath. “If no actions are taken against him, he would go to Delhi and complain against Nath,” – he added.

Bhowmik added that even if that did not succeed, he would file a lawsuit in the High Court asking for a CBI investigation on Nath for possessing disproportionate property.

“If required I would file a case and complain against him to the party high command”, said Bhowmik.

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