Arunachal Pradesh : Antique Effigy Of ‘Chenrizig’ – Buddha Of Infinite Compassion; Stolen From Dirang 

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A 400-500 years old antique idol of ‘Avalokiteshvara’ or ‘Chenrizig’ has been stolen from Dirang Dzong – a classic Monpa Village, located under Dirang Circle in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh.

According to sources, the effigy has been stolen from the residence of Tenzin Gombu Jamchenpa, son of Late Rengbu Jamchenpa.

Its worthy to note that Chenrezig, also known as Avalokitesvara (one who looks with unwavering eye) is believed to be the ‘Buddha of Infinite Compassion’, who represents absolute love, compassion and wisdom.

The condensed, six-syllable mantra Om mani padme hung (pronounced “om mani peme hung”) is associated with all the emanations of Chenrezig.

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