Nagaland : ‘Pre-Medical Examination’ For Defence Aspirants Organized In Noklak 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The Shamator/Noklak Battalion of Assam Rifles, under the aegis of HQ 7 Sector Assam Rifles/ HQ Inspector General Assam Rifles (North) today conducted a ‘Pre-Medical Examination of Agnipath & Armed Forces Aspirants at Nagaland’s Noklak district.

The defence aspirants from Noklak District were examined by 2IC Dr Jacob (CMO),14 Assam Rifles in the Campus of Assam Rifles Noklak town.

During this medical screening, the aspirants were examined for ENT, Distance & Color vision, Dental hygiene, Surgical or Medical cases.

Besides, emphasis was also laid upon any deformities like – Cubitus Valgus, Genu Varum, Genu valgum etc & skin issue, tattoos if any.

This drive enhanced the confidence and also boosted the morale of the aspirants that they are fit and are good to go & join the armed forces to serve the nation as ‘Agniveer’.

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Assam Rifles also guided the aspirants on building-up of endurance, stamina and importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle.

He also explained about the BMI and Calories intake to avoid life style disease. The students/youth of Noklak were benefitted by medical screening-cum-lecture on health and fitness, in accordance with the Agnipath Scheme.

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