Takam Todo – ‘Spiderman Of Arunachal Pradesh’ Arrives In Sikkim; Portrays Stunt Atop Terraces, Flipping & Vaulting On Streets 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

Takam Todo, a stuntman from Arunachal Pradesh is seen jumping atop terraces, flipping and vaulting on the streets of Sikkim wearing a Spiderman costume; thereby garnering wide appreciation from the onlookers.

Fondly referred as the ‘Spiderman of Arunachal Pradesh’, Todo has been seen wearing a Deadpool costume (a Marvel Comics character) and performing his stunts at MG Marg today.

In the coming days, Todo is expected to visit other parts of the state; and has therefore planned numerous contents to be performed across Sikkim.

Todo, 22, has been imitating the stunts of Peter Parker, a fictional character. A resident of Itanagar, Todo started parkouring, which involves – (running, jumping, swinging, vaulting and climbing) from 2014.

According to reports, Todo first donned the costume two years ago in Pune, where he was pursuing a diploma in civil engineering.

The video, which started getting viral amid the lockdown, cemented Todo’s fame. Currently, his YouTube channel has nearly 80,000 subscribers!

This video titled ‘Spider-Man Jumping in Pune’, has over 25 million views so far on YouTube alone. Todo’s videos are typically filled with stunts atop terraces and dancing moves on the streets in front of awestruck onlookers, but he remains nonchalant about the dangers associated with the acts.

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