Mizoram’s Lone BJP Legislator – Dr BD Chakma; Sentenced To 1-Yr-Jail In Corruption Case 

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

The Hon’ble Judge of Special Court, Prevention of Corruption Act today convicted 13 persons viz. Dr. BD Chakma, the lone BJP MLA from Tuichawng constituency; current Chief Executive Member Buddha Lila Chakma, 4 MDCs and 7 ex-MDCs; and sentenced all accused to undergo an imprisonment of one year and a fine of Rs.10000 on ground of mismanagement of funds of the Chakma Autonomous District Council.

On July 22 (Friday), Dr. BD Chakma and 12 other people- Buddha Lila Chakma, Chakma Autonomous District Council Chief Executive Member (CEM) and other members and ex-members viz. Amar Smriti Chakma, Adikanta Tongchangya; Parimal Chakma, Sushil Kumar Chakma, Chitra Kumar Chakma, Ajoy Kumar Chakma, Buban Kumar Chakma, Mohan Chakma, Amit Kumar Chakma, Susan Chakma, and Taranisen Chakma were convicted in a political graft under Section 13(1)(d) read with 13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

The 13 people accused today after a complaint of corruption case of diverting and misuse of funds from Central Government worth Rs 1,541,73,238 for the development of CADC was submitted by the then General Secretary of BJP.

They were found guilty of misusing their power by diverting developmental funds from the Central government and fraudulently misappropriating Rs 1,541,73,238. In 2017, a complaint was submitted to the Mizoram Governor by the then General Secretary of BJP over alleged gross financial irregularities and misuse of funds meant for developmental works.

All the accused have been bailed out after signing a bail bond of Rs. 20,000 each. It is worth mentioning that accused booked under Prevention of Corruption Act can avail bail if he/she wants to appeal over the Judgment Order.

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