Assam Police Issues Advisory Against WhatsApp-Based Impersonation   

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The Assam Police’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) has issued an advisory against WhatsApp-based impersonation; in response to surge in complaints against unidentified scammers utilizing profile photos and names of well-known persons to collect money from people through various means, including gift cards.

Images of a northeastern state’s chief minister was recently-used by such fraudsters.

Speaking about the modus operandi, the advisory mentioned that fraudsters, after obtaining unauthorized access to the contact list of a senior official, create phoney profiles and send subordinate WhatsApp messages.

Such messages claims that he is unable to make or take calls at the moment and that gift cards be purchased or money transfers be made to a particular account on his behalf.

The trick was posed to impersonate a New Delhi-based official, the chief minister and chief secretary of a northeastern state, as well as a few IAS and IPS employees.

“Do not fall prey to such emails or messages. Please confirm or verify from your superior officer before making any payment or purchase or clicking on the links,” the advisory issued on Tuesday said.

Additionally, the CID requested that anyone who received similar communications record screenshots for possible research purposes and report the number directly to WhatsApp.

A compliant on can also be filed, it added.

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