Hundreds Join ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ – Effort To Propagate Harmony & Peace 

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Hundreds of Naga citizens from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland on Thursday, participated in the ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’, themed on ‘One People, One Destiny’.

Organized by the Global Naga Forum (GNF), the two-days ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ commenced from Kohima today morning, which will culminate on Friday afternoon, with the anticipated confluence of thousands of Nagas at Manipur’s Senapati; thereby covering a distance of 81 kms.

They will halt the walk at night, mid-way in Maram Naga area of Manipur.

Addressing the flagging-off programme, the Adviser of GNF & President of Overseas Naga Association – Dr Visier Sanyu noted that the walk is a common journey to unite the Nagas as one, and to defend the Naga history and land with the right spirit.

“There is time for everything and this is the right time to come together and build the Naga nation as one people with one destiny,” he said.

He shared that “In the past, our ancestors fought to defend the land of Nagas with guns but violence has an expiry date and that period is gone today we want to fight for our people with our heart and love. We want to show ourselves and the world that Naga people are one, and the walk will enrapture the Naga soul to do the right thing to receive blessing.”

According to the GNF co-convener and advisor of Naga Mothers’ Association – Dr Sanyu, “We are walking to become one people in order to defend our history and land with the right spirit.”

Sanyu further added that this is the first leg of a people’s relay for harmony and peace among Nagas, while GNF will continue to organize similar walks to connect with Nagas in other states and country.

GNF officials declared the walk as totally peaceful, urged participants to abstain from indulging into any form of violence or untoward incidents and to not provoke any security personnel.

As leaders and volunteers from various Naga tribal bodies and organizations are walking, people from different villages along the National Highway-29 are offering them refreshments and drinking water.

The GNF President – Chuba Ozukum remarked that, “We are not talking about the ongoing peace process between the Naga groups and the Government of India, but this time we are simply exhibiting our aspiration and willingness for our rights to live together because Nagas have been divided into different states.”

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