Sikkim : SDF Leader – GM Gurung Resigns; Slams Party For Devising Controversies Against Ruling-SKM Government 

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In a major political development, the former Minister and Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) leader – GM Gurung has officially resigned from the party; and expressed strong resentment over plots against the ruling-Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) administration.

He has slammed the SDF President & former Chief Minister – Pawan Kumar Chamling for the self-praising “narcissistic characteristics”, solely accountable for downfall of the party.

Gurung, who served as the SDF candidate for Temi Namphing Constituency during the 2019 Assembly Elections; was defeated by the SKM leader – BS Panth.

In a letter addressed to the SDF President in Nepali, Gurung wrote “The party lacks democracy. Its rules and laws are equivalent of hanging a scarecrow in a field; which is now represented only by its president and his family. While, this used to be a collective representation and responsibility within the party, it is now only a small portion of the party president’s family. As a result, I can ensure that cluster cannot overcome the challenges, it faces today and in the future.”

“When the party has been narrowed down to the family, I no longer see my utility there, so I am left with no choice but to resign from the party,” – the letter further reads.

“You did not acknowledge our efforts or showed any appreciation for us on your face. SDF’s demise was brought on by your ‘Raavan-like’ conceit,” – he further added.

Its worthy to note that Gurung recently provided hints to soon join the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party. Amid speculations, Gurung confirmed of resigning from the party and join the SKM party within the appropriate time.

Gurung earlier noted that “SKM is a book of lies” and he will alone lead the party and fight against SKM, if SDF President Pawan Chamling denies leading.

Reacting to the statement, Gurung asserted that “I acknowledge having said that, and I’ll stick to my words. After joining, I’ll also strive to fix mistakes. As a senior politician, I’ll give them advice, and I’m hoping the CM will take my ideas into consideration.”

“During the 30 years of my contribution at SDF, I would like to extend gratitude towards the people of Sikkim for supporting us throughout. Due to lack of cooperation and the fact that the party’s president – PK Chamling, didn’t even try to expand the party, so I have chosen to leave it,” – he stated.

He even shared that “Pawan Chamling used to pin me at times, taunting me saying ‘harayko candidate’ (lost candidate), so considering all, I have made my mind of resigning from SDF party soon and join SKM. However, I am just waiting for the right time.”

On July 19, the Sikkim Chief Minister – Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) visited Gurung at his own residence, amid rumours claiming his resignation from the SDF party.

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