Tripura Experiencing Heavy Burden Of Cancer Cases; Advisory Issued For Prevention & Control 

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Tripura has been witnessing an exponential rise in the number of cancer patients, as the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Centre has been recording more than 3000 cases annually.

According to medical professionals, tobacco consumption and smoking are solely accountable for the northeastern state facing the hefty burden.

While releasing a survey report on ‘Monitoring Survey of Cancer Risk Factor and Health System Response in North East Region (Tripura)’, the Medical Superintendent of ABV Regional Cancer Centre – Dr. Gautam Majumder noted that the nation registered 17.3 lakh cases in 2020, while Tripura has registered 3050 cases in 2021.

As per the press release, the authorities aims to collect incidence & mortality rates for cancer in the population; identifying prevalence of behavioural and metabolic risk factors; observe responses of District healthcare system for prevention and cancer control; reducing cancer burden through appropriate intervention; establishing “link between exposures to risk factors and cancer incidence”; analyzing trends of cancer over time; offering best decisions to address cancer prevention and control in the state.

“Less than 500 cancer patients were diagnosed in 2001; however 22 years later, the number of cases is steadily increasing. More than 12,000 cancer patients are currently prevailing in Tripura. Out of these 12,000 cancer patients, nearly 1450 people died in 2021. West Tripura stands at the top, among the cancer patients,” the doctor said.

Around 600 patients undertook their initial cancer diagnosis and treatment outside the state, and among them 300 patients fell Below the Poverty Line (BPL).

Dr. Majumder mentioned that smoking causes lung-cancer in nearly 60 percent of men and breast cancer in 40% of women, which was previously known as uterine cancer.

The doctor further added that during the survey, which began in 2019 and culminated in 2021, indicated that 70% of rural populace uses solid fuel for cooking, while 6% uses alcohol and 3.5% are obesity cases.

“In order to ensure prompt detection and referral of suspected cancer patients along the 40 Non Communicable Diseases clinics, trained healthcare personnel with appropriate requisite equipment and consumables through National Health Mission must be deployed, for mitigating the burden of ABV-RCC,” he said.

Dr Majumder has also appealed the administration to forbid the consumption of tobacco & smoking, and encouraged the Department of Sports, Excise and Food for collaborative effort to reduce the number of cases.

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