Contribute Positively To Naga Society; Fulfill Obligations As “Indigenous Citizens” : Yimkhiung Union 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland

The Yimkhiung Union Kohima celebrated “Metümnyo” the premier festival of Yimkhiung (Naga) on the 8th of August 2022 at the official residence of S. Keoshu Yimkhiung Advisor for IPR & Village Guards, Government of Nagaland with H. Haiying, Advisor for Prisons, Printing & Stationery as the Special Guest.

The program was chaired by K. Asang & Runshito Lims. The invocation was pronounced by Wongtokiu Pastor YBBK, Welcome note and significance of The Festival were delivered by A. Akum President YUK, and K. Lotan Advocate respectively. Songs were presented by Yimkhiung Cultural Club and Youth Department YBBK, while President ENPUK and Host S. Keoshu Yimkhiung exhorted the gathering.

Speaking at the occasion, H. Haiying urged the Yimkhiung community to be good decision-makers in every sphere of life to enjoy the fruits of hard work, and also be thankful. He further appealed to the Yimkhiung community to make more positive contributions to Naga Society and fulfill their duty as indigenous citizens of the country.

S. Keoshu Yimkhiung while acknowledging the gathering, explained that “Metümnyo” had a comprehensive meaning and interpretation which was beyond the “soul-wrapping” feast.

He encouraged all to preserve and acknowledge the proper and authentic history of their culture and tradition while educating and spreading awareness to the younger generation to keep their legacy alive.

The formal function was followed by a display of indigenous games like Top Spinning, Pole Climbing, Meat biting, Tug-of-War, etc.

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