Abducted Siblings From Myanmar Found Dead Near Mizoram Border 

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Two teen siblings from Myanmar, whose relatives are taking refuge at Zokhawthar village in Mizoram, have been found dead in a jungle at Haimual village in Chin state of Myanmar.

Identified as – Lalnunpuii and her younger brother Lalruatmawia, both the deceased were ‘arrested’ by the Myanmar army personnel on August 14, following confrontation between the Myanmar army (Tatmadaw) and the local civil resistance group – ‘Mountain Eagle Defense Force’.

Besides, members of Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) torched numerous residences in Haimual village; where atleast 16 dwellings were reduced to ashes.

According to reports, Lalnunpuii and Lalruatmawia were claimed to be children of Lalzidinga – a commander of the local People’s Defense Force (PDF) which has been fighting for restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

Following the incident, a massive search was conducted by the militia members, which led to the recovery of bodies of the teenage boy and girl on Tuesday; from shallow graves located in the nearby forests.

Its worthy to note that the close relatives of the deceased teenagers took refuge at Mizoram’s Zokhawthar hamlet, following skirmishes between the Tatmadaw and the militia members.

However, they returned to Haimual village in Myanmar to attend the funeral of Lalnunpuii and Lalruatmawia on Tuesday afternoon, and the latter were accorded a burial at the Haimual cemetery.

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