Mizoram : Three PDF Cadres Nabbed From Champhai 

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Three persons identified to be cadres of the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) – an armed wing of the National Unity Government of Myanmar; were found near Melbuk hamlet in Champhai district along the Indo-Myanmar border on August 19.

These three cadres have been identified as – Nyi Nyi Htan (28), Bo Min Thu (25) and Phyo Thara Thu (20), hails from Kalay town in Myanmar’s Sagaing region.

According to sources, two of the three cadres sustained injuries. These injured cadres basically crossed the borders and entered into Mizoram, in order to receive medical treatment for their injuries at Champhai hospital; However, before crossing over the borders, they contacted the Myanmar nationals who had fled New Haimual and were taking refuge in Melbuk village of Mizoram.

   Armed Myanmar PDF cadres intercepted and stopped by Indian Security Forces while trying to cross over the border


Due to failure of proper communication, they were unable to meet up with their contacts, and were intercepted by the Assam Rifles.

During thorough search, the security forces have recovered two 9mm pistols from their possessions; which were later handed-over to the Assam Rifles troops stationed at Champhai town.

The sources added that the pistols were meant for self-protection of the cadres during their journey from Myanmar.

At around 4:30 PM of the following day, 14 PDF cadres from Chin state, in-uniform and carrying arms were also intercepted by security forces, while attempting to cross-over to the Indian side of the border.

As per sources, these armed PDF cadres were planning to visit their relatives who have taken shelter across the border. They were stopped by Assam Rifles at Tiau River that runs between the two borders.

Additionally, they claimed that these armed cadres even arrived bearing a letter requesting permission from the security forces to enter Mizoram, but were turned away and asked to return back into Myanmar.

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