Meghalaya : Progressive Citizens’ Group Strongly Denounces Premature Release Of Convicts In Bilkis Bano Case 

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The progressive people’s organization – Thma U Rangli-Juki (TUR), on behalf of the Meghalaya citizens, has strongly denounced the premature release of 11 rapists and murderers in the Bilkis Bano case of Gujarat.

In a letter addressed to the President – Draupadi Murmu, the concerned citizens strongly called-upon the centre to undo this socially-destructive, legally untenable and morally demeaning miscarriage and travesty of justice.

“We stand in support and solidarity with Bilkis Bano’s 20-year brave and difficult struggle for justice and demand justice for her and respect for her struggles,” – the letter further reads.

Condemning the sickening display of barbaric communalism and the support extended towards the heinous criminals in Gujarat, the citizens urged PM Modi and his administration to uphold the dignity of this nation, and demonstrate that India can still be counted among nations, which defend gender and social justice and can stand by moral, ethical and legal commitments.

“The PM’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort surpassed all other crescendos rising to an especially tear-jerking emotional octave in talking about women’s rights, women’s dignity and Nari Shakti. We in Meghalaya need to remind ourselves that the current MDA government consists of members belonging to the same party that facilitated this miscarriage of justice. We call upon the Government of Meghalaya to condemn this anti minority anti woman action that goes against all principles of justice and rule of law,” – added the letter.

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