Tripura : Banks’ Gross Non-Performing Assets (NPA) Increased To 6.16 Percent On June 2022

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, August 22, 2022 : The percentage of gross Non-Performing Assets (NPA) in Tripura stands at 6.16 percent as in June 2022 with an amount in absolute terms to Rs 1176.98 crore.

According the State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) 140th meeting of Tripura as on June 2022, it is informed that “The percentage of gross NPA as against gross advance increased from 5.47 percent as on June 2021 to 6.16 percent as on June 2022. Amount in absolute terms increased to Rs 1176.98 crore as on June 2022 from Rs 933.84 crore as on June 2021. The outstanding amount under Written off A/Cs (Shadow Register) is around Rs 160.11 crore which if added with the outstanding NPA, the total amount would be Rs 1337.09 crore which seems to be high.”

“The total outstanding NPA amount in government sponsored schemes has increased from Rs 94.77 crore in June 2021 to Rs 120.70 crore in June 2022. State Govt is requested to take adequate measures in helping bank officials in recovery of these loans”, the report added.

The report also mentioned, “Among the 12 public sector banks, the NPA position stands at Rs 493 crore, the NPA position of 13 private sector banks stands at Rs 349 crore, the NPA of one RRB i.e. Tripura Gramin Bank stands at Rs 182 crore, and three cooperative banks stands at Rs 152 crore.”

Meanwhile, the NPA of the priority sector stands at Rs 894 crore and non-priority sector stands at Rs 283 crore. It may be mentioned here that the priority sector’s NPA in 12 public sector banks stands at Rs 435 crore and non-priority sector NPA is Rs 57.92 crore; NPA stands at Rs 211 crore and Rs 138.5 crore in priority and non-priority sectors, respectively in 13 private sector banks; Tripura Gramin Bank alone has NPA of Rs 164 crore and Rs 18.966 crore in priority and non-priority sectors, respectively; and three cooperative banks records NPA of Rs 84.407 crore and Rs 67.7 crore in priority and non-priority sectors, respectively.

On the other hand, as many as 59,429 accounts were technically written off with a total amount of Rs 160.1 crore consisting of 28,388 accounts from 8 public sector banks excluding Bank of India, Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank and Union Bank of India with an amount of Rs 144.1 crore, and Tripura Gramin Bank has 30,934 technically written off accounts with an amount of Rs 15.983 crore.

In Tripura, there are 554 branches of various banks as of June 2022 and among them, 278 are located in rural areas, 159 in semi-urban areas and 117 in urban areas.

In these banks’ branches, total deposited amount is Rs 33022.34 crore. The total advances is Rs 19108.39 crore and priority sector advances is Rs 9998.39 crore as of June 2022. The PSA is comprised of Agriculture and Allied, MSME and other priority sectors.

All the banks put together disbursed Rs 1689.91 crore i.e. 20 percent of the Annual Target for Rs 8546.78 crore under Annual Credit Plan (ACP) 2022-23 as on June 2022.

The CD ratio of banks stands at 58 percent while 103 percent is the highest in Dhalai district and the lowest in West Tripura district with 51 percent.

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