CPI-M Leader – Sitaram Yechury Urges People To Safeguard Nation From Transforming Into ‘Fascist Hindu Rashtra’

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, August 24, 2022 : The CPI-M Politburo member and national general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday urged the people for making joint efforts in restoring democracy by safeguarding the entire country from this evil conspiracy of transforming the secular republic into a ‘Fascist Hindu Rashtra’.

While addressing a discussion programme organized by CPIM, Tripura state committee at Agartala Town Hall here on Wednesday, Yechury said “People are well aware about the recently held urban local bodies election where the ruling party won 96 percent of the seats uncontested. An atmosphere of terror is being created by the ruling BJP in order to ensure that the candidates fielded by opposition political parties don’t feel safe to contest. The ruling party cadres also attempt to threaten, instigate and assault physically whenever required. Based on these issues, democracy must be restored with collective efforts of all. Hence, it is our foremost duty to safeguard Tripura and the entire country from transforming into a ‘Fascist Hindu Rashtra’ from the secular republic nation.”

Citing the necessity of joining hands together, he said “More and more people need to be united in order to strengthen ourselves and form a group of secular and democratic forces which will smear BJP, the master in politics of polarization apart.”

“The Indian constitution functionalizes on four basic pillars- secular democracy, economic sovereignty, social justice and federalism. After BJP ruling the country following the ideologies of RSS across the country, all these four basic pillars are under threat. RSS never endorsed the secular character of the country. The economic policy of this present government is completely in favour of a flock of corporate players”, he added.

CPIM Politburo member in his speech mentioned the role of Communists, Congress and RSS in the history of Indian freedom movement. “The crusader of RSS, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was the first person who proposed two nation theory for the first time in a Hindu Maha Sabha and was supported by Mohammed Ali Jinnah which led to the partition of the country. At present, the same technique is being applied to isolate the minorities from Indian politics”, he also added.

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