Arunachal Pradesh : Local Populace Of Chaglagam Vows To Stand Alongside Indian Army Against Chinese Aggression

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Local populace of Chaglagam in Arunachal Pradesh’s Anjaw district have emerged as a support for the Indian Army; through their pledge to stand by the bravehearts against Chinese aggression.

According to ANI report, one of the locals identified as – Allelun Teyga claimed that “China tries to infiltrate our border every year. We stand with the Indian Army and we’ll fight alongside if any situation prevails.”

“We are concerned about the Chinese aggression. They try to enter our land. If any kind of situation prevails, we are with the Indian Army, we will fight along with the Army. We had got training thirty years back by the home guard. They gave special training to the civilians so that we can help ourselves in an emergency,” – he stated.

Meanwhile, another villager from Chaglagam – Takingshu Teyga remarked that “the Central government is building up the roads here to increase the connectivity and doing all the needful.”

“We are much concerned regarding the China intrusions as our village is just a few kilometres away at this point we have to develop our infrastructure to show our presence to China,” – he further added.

“We Tribals are with the government and the Indian Army. We will not allow the Chinese to take our land. We the tribals claim first that this is our land. Army comes second. We want the Indian army to focus on infrastructure and if the time comes we are ready to work with the Army,” – reiterated Teyga.

Chaglagam hamlet is basically a settlement of the tribal community, who depend solely on cultivation, for their means of subsistence. This village is just a few kilometres away from the LAC (Line of Actual Control).

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