‘Meghalaya Commission For Women’ Strongly Condemns “Travesty Of Justice” Meted-Out To Bilkis Bano 

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The Meghalaya State Commission for Women (MSCW) has strongly condemned the absurd justice, meted-out to Bilkis Bano with the premature release of the 11 gang-rapists in Gujarat.

According to a MSCW statement circulated on Friday, “Its shocking to learn that these men guilty of gang rape and murder were freed, while the country declared its 75th Independence Day – wherein we celebrate the freedom, the citizens of India have gained from the chains of oppression and discrimination.”

It claimed that the “act of releasing the convicted accused is a step back-in-time, where women were oppressed and violated for their sex, and feelings of being unsafe in one’s own land are a day-to-day reality.”

“We strongly stand with the action of the State of Gujarat in convicting the accused and ensuring the redressal of crimes against the women. We fear this lenient approach towards the convicted perpetrators will set a damaging precedent for the future, which is a blatant mockery to our criminal justice legal system,” – the statement further reads.

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