Mizoram : Teacher Held For Stripping 6-Yrs-Old Girl Of School Uniform; Suspended From School

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

A lady teacher who allegedly striped-off a 6-year-old girl’s school uniform at Thangpui village of Lunglei district has been suspended from work today.

She was arrested on Saturday (August 27), after the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) Office lodged a First Information Report (FIR) at Lunglei Police Station under Section 75 of JJ Act.

On August 25, a girl student from a school at Thangpui village was sent home by her teacher Lalbiakengi.

On August 25, a girl student from a school at Thangpui village was sent home by her teacher Lalbiakengi.

As per the child mother’s statement, the six year old girl was beaten up by a classmate and as she went to the school to complain about the situation. A heated argument started between her and the teacher; following which the teacher demanded that the girl’s uniform be returned to the school, when the mother stated that she would withdraw her daughter from the school.

The child’s mother claimed that the teacher had stripped-off the child’s uniform in front of the whole class, and the child had to return home wearing only her underwear.

The sub-divisional education officer of Lunglei District had also issued a show cause notice on August 26, 2022.

The District Child Protection Officer of Lunglei District stated that there was a report under their jurisdiction regarding a school teacher who allegedly stripped off her school student and let her go home only with her underwear after a scuffle broke out between the school and the girl’s mother.
She stated that upon investigating the matter, they believed and were convinced that there has been a violation of human rights, especially under Juvenile Justice Act; and did what the Child Protection Unit has to do and lodged an FIR at Lunglei Police Station.

They also clarified that they had not intervened in the scuffle between the teacher and the girl’s mother as their job is only concerned with child protection.

The incident caused uproar across the state over the weekend. The Mizo Zirlai Pawl (Mizoram’s largest student body) immediately demanded for the suspension of the teacher. In the meantime, the joint Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) of Thangpui village also issued a statement claiming that the teacher is entirely not at fault.

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