Northeast Music Solely Influenced With Western Music; Requires To Undergo Cultural Revolution Like Korea : Playback Singer – Papon 

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Northeast India – a region displaying unifying language of music, have served as the hub of some distinguished music events. However, the Indian playback singer – Papon Mahanta claimed that the sound of Northeast is still attempting to define itself, as the majority of most musicians along the region are stuck on Rock & Blues, due to the heavy influence of Western music.

“The majority of Northeastern music resembles rock songs sung in Assamese, Khasi, or Naga. There is no sound or instrument of the place without the language. If someone is playing country music, they are merely interpreting it; there is no Northeast spirit or substance in it,” – asserts Papon.

“We need to work on it while maintaining its core while discovering the origins and conventional melodies. Take a look at Korea; they are undergoing a cultural revolution. They have ruled the globe while remaining recognizable,” – he added.

During an interview with The Print, Papon mentioned that Assamese folk is his root and essence. “That’s who I am. I enjoy playing what’s spelled as ‘Khul’ in Assamese, which is also known as ‘Khol’ in Bengali, but has a radically distinct shape, sound, and structure,” – he stated.

“Due to a lack of historical documentation, many instruments have been lost or forgotten. There are so many fascinating instruments with a variety of sounds, and if we can find some old documents or designs, we can get artisans to recreate it,” – he added.

Its worthy to note that “K Pop” or Korean Pop Music is a ‘Cultural Revolution’ which gained international acclaim. Hallyu (Korean Wave) is a musical genre inspired by jazzy ballads and upbeat, and an offshoot of cultural hybridization.

It is a unique contributor to the realm of pop music. Perfectly choreographed videos, trend-defining fashion, toe-tapping techno beats, crazy colourful aesthetics is what differs them from the top brands of the west. Korean Wave or “Hallyu” started from China’s capital Beijing in the mid-1990s.

This revolution has assisted in promoting the Korean culture, leading to economic growth, thereby strengthening the country’s political stand and diplomatic ties.

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