Arunachal CM & Governor Extends Greetings On Auspicious Occasion Of ‘Solung Festival’ 

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The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu and Governor – Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) extended their best wishes to the Adi Community on the auspicious occasion of ‘Solung’.

Celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm, ‘Solung’ is one of the most popular festival of the Adi Community residing in Arunachal Pradesh. This agro-based festival, is a reflection of the community’s enduring cultural, socio-economic and spiritual values and aspirations which have a universal characteristic, even during this modern age.

The celebrations are primarily divided into three parts : Sopi-Yekpi, Binnayat and Ekop.

Sopi-Yekpi (also called Limir-Libom) – is the first phase of the festival, during which Mithuns are sacrificed and offered to Dadi Bote- the deity for bestowing good fortune and praying for the safety of all domestic animals.

Binnyat is the second part of Solung, during which crops are being offered to goddess of crops – Kine Nane for protection of crops against epidemics and bestowing of bumper harvest.

The third part of the festival is Ekop (also referred as Taktor). During this part, Miri – the lead singer narrates the story of Nibo or Abotani who was the forefather of the Tanis. It describes Nibo’s early struggle for existence and his endeavor to overcome the forces of evils, symbolized by Robo, his elder brother; moral and spiritual guidance of Doying Bote, the god of wisdom and human welfare and Gumin-Soyin, the guardian spirit, and finally Nibo’s establishment of family and social life in the beginning of life.

Taking to Twitter, the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister – Pema Khandu wrote “Heartiest greetings on the auspicious occasion of Solung festival! I join my Adi brothers and sisters on this joyous occasion and I pray the divine ‘Kine Nane’ and almighty ‘Dadi Boteh’ to bless everyone with bumper harvest, peace, prosperity and happiness.”

“Let our festivals encourage our youngsters to embrace our rich culture, learn and speak in our native tongues. We take pride in our diversity and cultural heritage. This cultural mosaic has to be maintained, preserved & propagated while keeping intact our unity in diversity.” – he further added.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Governor also extended his warmest greetings to the community on the auspicious occasion. “The Solung Festival is the embodiment of the Adi way of socio-cultural and religious life. The community, since time immemorial, has been celebrating the festival with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm primarily to appease their deities, for bumper harvest of crops, welfare of domestic animals and peace, prosperity and well being of mankind as a whole. Ponung dance is an integral part of Solung celebration,” – he wrote.

“The Solung celebration keeps alive the ancient tradition of the community and at the same time helps the younger generation to have better comprehension of the relationship between man and nature. It also facilitates in promoting universal bonding and bonhomie in today’s world, which is the need of the hour. ‘Solung’ creditably adds to the vibrant cultural heritage of our State Arunachal Pradesh, he said while urging the elders of the Adi community to continue the excellent tradition and integrate their younger generation into the core values of their roots,” – he further added.

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