Meghalaya : BJP Legislator Seeks High-Level Probe Into Alleged ‘Vehicle Scam’   

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator from Pynthorumkhrah – Alexander Laloo Hek advised the Meghalaya administration to constitute a high-level inquiry commission; seeking investigation into the alleged “vehicle scam” and other issues that appeared in the police department.

“A thorough investigation into the entire matter is necessary. The task cannot be completed by one official. The entire organization will be involved,” – he stated.

The former minister further mentioned that “Every file is organized from top to bottom. A single person cannot be held accountable for the swindle. Everyone connected to this fraud has to be revealed, and the appropriate legal measures need to be implemented.”

Hek stated that several concerns need to be uncovered; and that someone in authority must have given the go-ahead for the acquisition of numerous vehicles.

“This can only be shown if a thorough investigation is conducted. The results of the police investigation must be thoroughly examined,” he said.

Hek noted that its not right for Chief Minister – Conrad K Sangma should not be allowed to minimize the alleged swindle; especially because the outcomes of the police investigation have already been revealed to general public.

“The government should not shy away from constituting an inquiry in order to put things to rest,” he stated.

Earlier, Sangma termed it improper to call the alleged irregularities and mismanagement in the Police Headquarters a “scam”, apparently unaware that the word was mentioned in the internal inquiry report.

“It is improper to draw hasty conclusions from the press’ perspective and to begin using strong language to grab the public’s attention. It doesn’t appear right,” Sangma continued.

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