Fresh Violence In Myanmar; Push Over 600 Myanmar Nationals Into Mizoram 

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

Mizoram is witnessing a fresh influx of Myanmar nationals, after the Arakan Army had attacked a post of 61st company of Light Infantry Regiment, Myanmar Army at Varang village on the morning of August 21, 2022.

Despite the fact that no casualties have been reported, but sources revealed about the suspected air violation into the Indian territory by Myanmar fighter jets near Zorinpui village of Lawngtlai district.

As per sources, on August 31, 2022 at around 10 AM, the first sortie dropped a bomb. While, just 12 minutes later, another bomb was exploded during the second sortie.

Following the bombardment, the residents of Varang village started vacating their homeland. Later that afternoon, firing broke-out between Arakan Army and Myanmar Army from 1:40 PM till 3 PM. The firing resulted in the continuous movement of villagers into Mizoram. The locals transported their possessions, rations and livestock into Mizoram via boats.

Altogether, 619 Myanmarese who fled Varang village are currently taking up shelter in the following villages : Laitlang (178), Zochachhuah (121), Hmawngbuchhuah (252), New Model village (68). Unconfirmed allegations of Arakan army and Myanmar army losses have been surfacing after the incident. Nearly, 3 injured and 10 are suspected to have been killed.

Sources confirmed that over 60 Myanmar army personnel are deployed at Varang village, while over 100 Arakan army personnel are manning a strong position inside a church, just few metres below the Myanmar Army post. Lawngtlai district currently has 5,909 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge.

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