Teachers’ – Life’s Greatest Philosophers; Guiding Students Through Obstacles & Fulfilling Dreams

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Throughout history, teachers have played a significant role in shaping people’s personalities, demonstrating their selfless contribution, fostering high learning and instilling moral principles. Teachers are the ones, who guides young minds toward light; and helping them to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Since referred as the true reformer of a society, teachers play a significant role in uplifting the education system of India.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually nationwide on September 5, to commemorate the birth anniversary of the former President of India – Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. It is basically an approach to support teachers and make them feel valued for their utmost commitment towards the pupils.

Radhakrishnan was a well-known diplomat and scholar, who firmly believed in the value of education.

Once, a few of his students came up to him and urged him to let them celebrate his birthday. He responded, “Instead of commemorating my birthday individually, it would be my proud privilege, if the 5th September is marked as Teachers’ Day.” Since then, the concerned date is been observed as Teacher’s Day, across India.

The word ‘Guru’ (Teacher) originated from the Sanskrit language, who is revered as a source of wisdom and possessed absolute authority. They are termed as indispensable for students in their pursuit for knowledge and the path to “awakening” from the dream of reality.

However, this role continues to exist till today, albeit unabated, and modernized. Teachers now work with high school and university pupils to help them make vital academic decisions, guiding them towards successful careers.

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