Nagaland Holds First-Ever ‘King Chilli Festival’ At Seiyhama Village In Kohima 

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Nagaland holds the first-ever ‘Naga Mircha (King Chilli) Festival’ at Seiyhama village in Kohima District.

Considered as the world’s hottest chilli – Naga Mircha (King Chilli) has constantly been placed on the top five in the list of the world’s hottest chilies based on the SHUs. Also referred as ‘Raja Mircha’, ‘Bhoot Jolokia’ or ‘Ghost Pepper’, this chilli attained Geographical Indication (GI) certification in 2008. It belongs to genus Capsicum of family Solanaceae.

‘Naga Chilli’ or ‘Raja Mircha’ is an indigenous crop of Nagaland believed to have originated from Nagaland’s Zeliangrong region; and is extensively grown in Peren, Mon, Kohima and Dimapur.

It is modest in size and matures to a vivid red colour. The crop must be planted in soil that has the perfect amount of water for germination and the right amount of sun rays to reach its flaming best; because it is quite sensitive to weather conditions.

Cultivation of Naga chilli thrives best across bamboo and banana plantations; as well as on sites that have been utilized for cultivation for decades.

Prior to cultivation, these bamboo fields are slashed and burned, in an effort to ensure optimum soil quality and higher degree of hotness in the chillies.

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