Limboo-Tamang Communities Pushes For 6 Separate Tribal Seats In Sikkim Legislative Assembly 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Sikkim Limboo Tamang Apex Committee ( SILTAC) has pushed for 6 separate Limboo Tamang tribal seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

Addressing a press conference, the Chairman of SILTAC – CB Subba noted that “We have submitted our memorandum to MP and Government and we want to request the government to pass the Resolution in the Assembly, as a Historic Resolution in the record of Sikkim Legislative Assembly, thereby allocating the New Scheduled Tribes Seats (S.T. SEATS) Independently and Exclusively in a Clean Manner (without touching, disturbing, harming and making any controversies, in the already Existing Total as Reserved Seats in the Legislative Assembly of Sikkim as- S.C. Seats = 2; B.L. Seats (including 1 Sangha Seat) = 13; General Seats 17), by providing minimum 6 (Six) number of ‘SCHEDULED TRIBES SEATS (S.T. SEATS)’ Reservation for Limboo-Tamang Scheduled Tribes of Sikkim, in the Legislative Assembly of Sikkim (as Logical and Scientific) and, as this issue is being the Central Subject exclusively, forward to the Union Government urgently for immediate action to fulfil this Long Pending Constitutional Demand, before the ensuing Election, 2024, keeping deeply in view the principle laid down under Article 332, read and upholding the special provision of Article 371F(f) of the Constitution of India.”

“So that the above said requisite number of seats are reserved for the Limboo-Tamang Scheduled Tribes Communities of Sikkim in conformity with the Special Constitutional Provision and other relevant statutes, so as to enable them to enjoy their Constitutional and Fundamental Rights and participate immediately in the forth coming Election of the State Assembly of Sikkim in the year 2024, and so on as guaranteed by the Constitution. At present there are 32 seats in the Sikkim Assembly.”

Meanwhile, the former Speaker and member of the SILTAC – Kalawati Subba shared that “The earlier governments tried to work for seat reservation and matter had reached Union Home Ministry and National Commission for Schedule Tribes but they said many people have objected the propose formula. But now the SKM Government is also pursuing the matter sincerely, and therefore we have also submitted the memorandum for expedite approval of the matter.

Notably, the Limboo and Tamang communities have expressed strong condemnation for the delay of seats reservation in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly since 2003.

Besides, a consultation committee – SKM Consultation Committee on Limboo & Tamang Seat Reservation, has also been constituted for pursuing the matter, headed by Lok Sabha MP Indra Hang Subba.

The consultation committee, as per the direction of Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, has been conducting a series of meetings with various associations of Limboo and Tamang communities and stakeholders across the state to collect inputs, which will be later submitted to the Chief Minister. Besides, the SILTAC representatives recently had a meeting with MP Indrahang Subba on the matter.

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