Tripura: People & Staunch Supporters Desired To Oust BJP-Led Government, Says CPIM Secretary Jitendra Chaudhury

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, September 12, 2022: Witnessing the terrible form of the four and half years old BJP-led government’s rule in Tripura, CPIM state secretary and former MP Jitendra Chaudhury on Monday claimed the common people to the staunch supporters of the ruling saffron party have expressed their desire the oust this present government and establish an alternative government with pro-people outlook.

Despite inclement weather on Monday, the Left Front leaders and workers led by the CPIM state secretary Chaudhury held a procession in the North Tripura district’s headquarters Dharmanagar with the slogan of ‘Pothe Nemechi’ (stepped on road). He was accompanied by the Kurti-Kadamtala assembly constituency MLA Islam Uddin, Gram Panchayat’s general secretary Amitabh Dutta, Dharmanagar Divisional Secretary Abhijit Dey and others were present in the rally of the Left Front.

Addressing the public rally, Chaudhury criticized the double engine government. He said “The BJP government in the state has shown its failure in the field of education, culture, health, village development and environment. After 80 to 90 days, the destruction of this government is certain because the present BJP-led government is responsible for the way terrorism has gained a foothold in the state.”

He termed this government as completely failed to deal with wide-spread terrorism in the state, people were confused and brought this government to power in 2018. “Now, seeing the terrible form of this government, from the common people to the staunch supporters of the BJP, they are turning away by expressing their reluctance towards the work of the government. For the development of the state, it has become imperative to overthrow the BJP government and establish an alternative government with the outlook of working for the common people. Therefore, the Left Front has come together today for the anti-people policies of the current government”, he added.

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