Sikkim : HSP Strongly Condemns Anti-Constitutional Statements Against Article 371F 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) has been perturbed by the sustained anti-constitutional and Anti-Sikkimese statements Against 371F by one Sumant Kumar – member of an Uttar Pradesh-based organization called ‘Hindu Swabhiman’.

According to a press communique issued by the HSP, “ever since the video emerged where two people at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi were demanding the abolition of Article 371F, there have been concerns among the people of Sikkim. On the 8th of September, Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia released a video stating that there are political forces from within and outside Sikkim who are deliberately trying to create unrest in our state.”

“As more information has emerged about one of the individuals from the video who goes by the name ‘Sumant Kumar’ alias ‘Sumant Hindu’, the statement of our leader Bhaichung Bhutia fearing greater political forces gains more substance. First, we would like the people of Sikkim to know the identity of this individual called Sumant Kumar. The images attached, obtained through his social media accounts, show that he is a member of an Uttar Pradesh-based organization called ‘Hindu Swabhiman’ led by the controversial figure who goes by the name ‘Yati Narsinghananda Saraswati’. As per the website of ‘Hindu Swabhiman’, the BJP leader Baikunth Lal Sharma aka Prem, ex- BJP-MP is the mentor of Mr. Yati Narsinghananda Saraswati,” – the statement further reads.

“The press conference of Sikkim Police stating the initiation of an investigation in the matter too had little to no effect on Sumant Kumar’s illegal activities against Sikkim & its people. In his disgraceful video statements on 11th September, he is found insulting the modesty of all our sisters and mothers of Sikkim by questioning their characters. Spewing venom against Sikkim he further went on ranting against Sikkimese culture as well. In his recent video, he claims that leaders from different political parties including BJP congratulated him and ask him to demand the implementation of CAA and NRC in Sikkim along with the merger of Sikkim with part of West Bengal,” – added the communique.

Therefore, the HSP demanded an expedite investigation in a time-bound manner to bring out the truth of his involvement/association with the political parties and organizations and to unmask the hidden anti-nations within Sikkim.

“As for us, the people of Sikkim, the time has come for us to stand in solidarity and work towards safeguarding the distinct identity of Sikkim as guaranteed under Article 371F of the constitution of India and devise a way to protect our future. As such we once again appeal to all the right-thinking Sikkimese sons and daughters to join the one-day sit-in dharna called by Bhaichung Bhutia on the 15th of September, at 11am at District Administrative Centre Gangtok and sent out a strong message of Sikkimese unity to the evil minds trying to create unrest in our peaceful state,” – added the communique issued by the General Secretary of HSP – Biraj Adhikari.

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