IIM-Ahmedabad Strives To Promote Tribal Languages Of Arunachal Pradesh; Through Unique BIRD Project 

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The IIM-Ahmedabad’s Billion Readers (BIRD) project – aiming to complement education by developing a simple social innovation ‘Same Language Subtitling (SLS)’; is exploring the possibilities of implementing its work in Arunachal Pradesh and supporting the promotion of indigenous languages.

In simple words, the BIRD project strives to ensure that every Indian becomes a fluent reader and emerge as lifelong learner in his/her mother tongue.

The Investment & Planning Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh – Prashant Lokhande asserted that “It’s a source of tremendous joy that IIM-Ahmedabad has come forward to encourage the promotion of Arunachali languages.”

Lokhande informed that the Department of Indigenous Affairs (DoIA) will be the lead state partner of the BIRD initiative.

Meanwhile, the DoIA Director – Sokhep Kri has welcomed the IIM-Ahmedabad team; and apprised about the diverse language groups and the development and promotion of ‘Standardized Indigenous Scripts’ initiated by the government and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) till date.

The core idea of this is to implement subtitles on entertainment programs in the same language as the content of the show.

Besides, the BIRD team held elaborate discussions with CBO representatives from the Galo, Adi, Idu-Mishmi, Kaman (Miju), Khamti, and Singpho language groups.

“SLS has the potential to encourage a wider use of Arunachali languages and scripts creating a society of fluent readers,” informed the Coordinator of Lohit Youth Library Network – Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor.

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