War-On-Drugs : Nearly 123 Matured Cannabis Plants Felled-Down In Arunachal Pradesh

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Drug consumption has become a severe issue that has engulfed all segments of society. Despite strict vigil, the illegal cultivation of cannabis is continuing unabated across Northeastern regions leading the police to tighten its noose.

In an attempt to put an end into woes of local populace and safeguard the lives of youth, as many as 123 matured cannabis plants were destroyed on Friday by the authorities at Maba Yarda in Arunachal’s Kurung Kumey district.

According to DIPR report, a joint team of officials from the district administration and the police conducted a recce to detect the exact location of this region. The cannabis plants were cultivated on a paddy field located along the steep hillside of the Maba Yarde area.

These felled plants were burned to ashes in the presence of Executive Magistrate CW Manpoong. Meanwhile, the owner of the field has been apprehended by the police for further interrogation.

It was learnt that the paddy field belongs to one Shri Bengia Raja of Koloriang town. After thorough enquiry, the owner was given stern warning to discontinue such illicit activities into his field.

The 16-member joint team was led by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) – Rishi Longdo and Tax & Excise Inspector Lokam Ramji.

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