Political Activist – Passang Sherpa Demands Unconditional Apology From Sikkim CM; Over “Derogatory Remarks” 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The political and social activist – Passang Sherpa has sent a legal notice to the President of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) – Prem Singh Tamang; condemning the CM for “derogatory, racist and demeaning” post through SKM Darpan – the official mouth-piece of the party.

Addressing a press conference, Sherpa asserted that the party has “slandered and tarnished my image and reputation; thereby labelling false, concocted and frivolous allegations, which are completely baseless and inaccurate.

“The allegation is false because our ancestral land bearing Khatiyan no. 37, Khasra no. 86/268, 69, 90/250 is situated at Gairigoan (Gaddi Khola) Jaubari Block, Punzitar ward under Damthang Gram Panchayat, Namchi District, Sikkim, India he stated he also added they are  government they can verify on their own,”- he stated.

He further stated that the “derogatory, defamatory, casteist and racist statements was made against my wife claiming that she is non Sikkimese and questions were raised as how she could purchase landed property being a non Sikkimese? It is for your information that she belongs to the family of old settlers and by virtue of being my legally wedded wife, she has legally obtained her COl hence, she is as equal Sikkimese in rights and privilege as any other Sikkimese.”

Sherpa further mentioned that the act has been actuated with a malicious intent in your part so as to cause irretrievable harm and damage to the reputation, name, fame and public standing of me and my family.

Therefore, Sherpa has demanded immediate withdrawal of the said “video and write-up against me and my family as posted by SKM Darpan, and tender an unconditional apology within 7 days, with regard to the aforesaid baseless, incorrect and malicious allegations made by you and your political party and Refrain from committing or making any kind of defamatory statement.”

“Failing which, I will be constrained to pursue/initiate appropriate civil and criminal action against you and your political party (Sikkim Krantikari Morcha),” – added Sherpa.

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