Ancient Manuscripts Exhibition – Portraying Glorious History & Heritage Of Manipur; Kicks-Off At Imphal West 

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RK Meghen – a descendent of Prince Tikendrajit has called-for the establishment of an institute to study the ancient manuscripts of Manipur.

He was addressing the exhibition of about 300 ancient manuscripts of Manipur, written in Meitei Script and displayed for awareness among the masses of Manipur here on Thursday at Uripok. This event was hosted by N Khelchandra Charitable Trust in association with the All Manipur Manuscripts Custodian Association (AMMCA) and Khwai Martial Arts Academy (KMAA).

The manuscripts also displayed the Royal Chronicle, which recorded the events from 33 AD till recent times, texts on history, arts, music, medicine, forests, architecture, religion, etc.

During the event, RK Meghen reiterated that the younger generations must read the ancient texts and “understand our culture, history & heritage”.

The President of N Khelchandra Charitable Trust – N Tombi Raj asserted that RK Meghen has worked extensively to learn the ancient arts & lores.

He cited the travelogue and ancient text “Poreiton Khuntok” which narrates the tales of people, probably from South China, who came to Manipur in search of medicines during the first century AD.

Meanwhile, the President of the Custodians Association – K Bidhu expressed the need for educating the new generations on the old Meitei script. Around 10 custodians of old records displayed the manuscripts during the exhibition, which is slated to culminate on September 24.

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