Assam : Shishu Sarothi Organizes Symposium; Deliberating Significance On Child Welfare In Guwahati 

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Shishu Sarothi in collaboration with the Ummeed Child Development Centre of Mumbai recently hosted a regional-level symposium at Birubari; deliberating on the value of Early Intervention (EI), and the possibility of EI services integrating with current government schemes for children with developmental disabilities.

The symposium highlighted that urgent action is necessary to boost early childhood outcomes and ensure that every children realizes their full potential as adults.

Interventions in Early Childhood Development (ECD) are intended to enhance the children’s development and has been emphasized in the National Education Policy (NEP).

“However, children with developmental disabilities are often excluded from these programmes, even though they are the ones with the greatest need for support. There is a gap in access and coverage of children with developmental disabilities across most states of the northeast,” – informed a press release.

Besides, the Development Paediatrician and founder of Ummeed Child Development Centre – Vibha Krishnamurthy was also present at the symposium.

A panel discussion on EI and recommendations was also conducted, with the goal of coordinating NGOs’ initiatives with public health initiatives.

Its worthy to note that ‘Shishu Sarothi’ is a state nodal agency centre for the National Trust, in addition to being an active member of the Disability Rights Group and other national advocacy bodies.

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