If Given Opportunity, Congress Will Implement Solutions For “Naga Political Issue” : NPCC Chief 

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has wholeheartedly expressed support towards the NNPGs decision to prevent election for determining permanent solution into the long-standing “Naga Political Issue”.

According to an official press statement issued by the NPCC, “Congress will stand with them. If BJP and Alliance do not file nomination, we shall not file nominations. We want implementation of solution under President’s Rule. We all know, in 1998 NPC did not participate in the election on the same slogan and Congress was returned almost unopposed. In 2018, the same slogan was raised again. Some senior Congress leaders trusting the ‘Solution not Election’ slogan prevented AICC from preparing for election. Just before filing nominations, AICC directed to file nominations in case other political parties filed nominations and we were wiped out.”

The press release also questions if the NNPGs can really prevent election under any circumstance is the question with the future at stake.

“It will amount to failure of Constitutional machineries before the World and will reflect on the BJP Govt. at the Centre. If we do not remove the roadblock to implementation of solution, people will continue to suffer more and even lose our identity and religion. If we look carefully at the problem, both sides have agreed that within the Framework Agreement, the details and execution plan are to be worked out shortly, for implementation. This is now the 7th year after signing. The Framework Agreement is a gentlemen’s agreement on behalf of the Nation and in full view of the people it was signed. No party can go back from the Agreement. If there is any misinterpretation or misunderstanding, it is not the fault of the public. The aspiration of the people is clearly written on the Wall – that we want solution to be implemented. People want peace, safety and security, one govt., one tax and development. We also have the Working Committee’s Agreed Position which the stakeholders have endorsed for implementation. State Govt has committed to pave the way albeit hypocritically. Stakeholders have rejected PAN Naga Hoho. According to GOI, flag and constitution are not negotiable. If so, there is nothing more to negotiate for Nagaland. The WC’s Agreed Position for Nagaland if implemented, will lead to other solutions. As such, there is no reason as to why the WC’s Agreed Position should not be implemented in Nagaland. The matter is purely in the hands of the Central Govt,” – the release further reads.

“In my view, the Core Committee has nothing to do with in the negotiation. Union Home Minister entrusting the Core Committee to convince NSCN(IM) is something like asking a child to convince his father. It is understood that UDA’s leadership lacks courage to mediate between GOI and NSCN(IM). UDA and NSCN(IM) are hand in glove and what NSCN(IM) speaks, the CM also speaks in the same language and tone. In my view, solution with NSCN(IM) will impact more upon the stakeholders of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, if both the Chief Ministers are taken into confidence, I am sure there will be solution. Meanwhile Congress rank and file are directed to continue preparation in all seriousness for electoral battle to remove the roadblock to solution, growth and expansion. Given opportunity, Congress Govt will cooperate with NNWs and the Centre to implement the solutions,” – added the release.

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