Meghalaya : RSS Chief Addresses Public Meeting In Shillong; Highlights Importance Of India’s Unique ‘Unity In Diversity’  

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The Sarsanghchalak of RSS, Dr Mohan Bhagwat while attending a public meeting at U Soso Tham auditorium in Shillong highlighted the importance of the ethos and values of the nation’s eternal civilization. The RSS chief talked at length about the need and importance of India’s unique Unity in Diversity.

Addressing the meeting, Dr Bhagwat shared that “The oneness of the India is its strength. The diversity that India boasts is something to be proud of. The invaders saw this differently. The world thinks that we are different and hence we are separate whereas India says Unity in Diversity. This is the specialty of India which has been there since ages. We have been one always. When we forget this, we lost our independence. Hence, we must make sure that we become one and make our country stronger and more self-reliant. We all have to work for this Unity.”

He also talked about the founder of RSS Dr Hedgawar and how he dedicated his life to the service of the Nation.

Speaking on the occasion, he narrated different inspiring incidents related to the Sangh founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who was a born patriot.

As per a press release, “it was interesting how while being jailed fighting the British colonial power in the freedom struggle, accordingly to the judge who was hearing the petition, Dr Hedgewar’s reply in the court was more seditious than his original speech for which he was jailed,” – he asserted.

“The RSS draws this tradition of sacrifice from this country’s ancient history. Our ancestors had visited different lands beyond and had departed the same values to Japan, Korea, Indonesia and many other countries,” – he added.

Dr Bhagwat referred the instances of how during COVID-19 crisis; India had served humanity by sending vaccines to different countries and also, not so long ago, our country stood with Srilanka during her worst ever economic crisis.

The Sarsanghchalak emphasized how Sangh since five generations with the help of dedicated swayamsevaks doing the national reconstruction work since 1925. Its orientation aims to deepen into one’s own habit by doing it on daily basis. Three things are emphasized as Rashtriyata, Swayamsevakatva and Sanghbhav in the shakhas.

“The important analysis dealt with drawing a comparison that one citizen’s fate is also determined by the country’s fate and vice-versa. During Uganda crisis few years ago, the Indians there too had to suffer despite no fault of theirs, Bharat’s stature in global arena was weak then. Our objections even had no impact that time as our country was on a weaker footing. Nevertheless, if the nation Bharat becomes powerful and prosperous, each Bharatiya too becomes powerful and prosperous,” – he noted.

The meeting was attended by the President of RSS East Khasi Hills and Ri-Bhoi – Munujik Khongjrim; Sanghchalak of Northeast Zone – Dr Umesh Chakraborty; Sanghchalak of RSS South West Garo Hills – Ravi Shankar Koch.

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