Tripura : Attend BJP Rallies To Understand What People Really Want : Tripura CM To CPI-M

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, September 28, 2022 : In a scathing attack on the CPIM-led Left Front organization in Tripura, Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha on Wednesday said that scientifically rigging the elections has been a traditional characteristic of the Leftist leaders and so, whenever the BJP wins in any election people, complain that they could not exercise their right to vote.

Addressing at the “Thanks Giving Rally” organized by Tripura Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party for the increase in social allowance from Rs 700 to Rs 2000 as committed to be done before ensuing Durga Puja festival, Dr Saha in a sarcastic tone told the Leftist leaders and supporters that the CPIM cadres before 2018 used to say that if rigging was scientific it would be accepted globally and if you want to understand what people really want, then attend BJP events.

The Chief Minister has tried to present various issues to the people only about the role of the Left. He said the Left has become politically bankrupt. So, they lost in the polls and just kept going. They felt that the people could not properly exercise their right to vote, so they were defeated.

Dr. Manik Saha strongly criticized the leftists and said that now the law and order has deteriorated and the opposition is trying to fish in murky waters. However, they have completely forgotten the extreme deterioration of law and order in Tripura during the Left era. In his quip, all schools were arenas for politically motivated miscreants during the Left era. Murder, terrorism, rape were daily occurrences in every district. Tripura is now largely free from that situation. However, they seem to be seeing unrest in Tripura.

The opposition leader’s behaviour in the assembly regarding lathi-charge on dismissed teachers seems to be the first such incident in Tripura, said the Chief Minister sarcastically. He reminded the Left today that Lathi-charge did not bring BJP to Tripura. Papai Saha gave his life in such a protest program during the Left period, the Left must not have forgotten that wound. He raised the tone and said that the police used inhuman force in various protest programs during the Left period. At that time, today’s leader of the opposition was sitting on the chair of the Chief Minister, Dr Manik Saha pointed out.

Blaming the Left for the poor condition of Tripura, Dr Saha said, “I want to remind the opposition that the government is burdened with a debt of Rs 13 thousand crore due to their economic mismanagement. Nepotism in public service and policy blunders like 10,323 have destroyed the entire system. But, we do not shy away from our responsibility. We are working hard to ensure that everyone gets the respect they deserve”, he asserted.

According to him, the presence of people in today’s thanksgiving rally is a danger signal for both Congress and CPIM. He said, a large number of people have arrived here today even during the festival season. It is understood that people are now very relieved from the previous government. And, this is a warning sign for the opposition, as elections are fast approaching. Dr Saha also said, more public welfare oriented decisions are waiting to be implemented, which will be implemented very soon.

On this day, Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma said, “BJP does not believe in movement without development. He claimed that in the last four years, our workers have not harassed the people, government employees or businessmen by collecting donations for political events. We don’t do such cheap politics. We believe in equitable development irrespective of political colour.”

On the other hand, BJP Pradesh President Rajib Bhattacharjee said “For the last 25 years, Tripura was infected by a Chinese virus called CPIM. BJP came as an antidote in 2018. In 2023, we must ensure that this virus does not infect the state again.”

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