If There Is Good Will; Everything Is Possible : Tripura BJP

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, September 29, 2022 : The long deprivation of doctors in Tripura has come to an end as 277 doctors have been promoted. Rs 60 crore 4 lakh 54 thousand has been given as compensation to 41 thousand 581 affected farmers due to heavy rains across the state. 576 teachers are going to get job offers. Not only that, the allowance of Rs 700 in 25 years has been increased to Rs 2000 in four and a half years. It proves that everything is possible if there is good will. In a press conference on Thursday, BJP Tripura Pradesh spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee thanked the Tripura government and criticized the Left Front.

On this day, Nabendu said, since the establishment of the first Left Front government in Tripura, there has been a deep conspiracy against doctors. He said, BJP’s demand was that doctors should be given due respect. They should be promoted accordingly. According to him, the pay scale was reduced along with hindrance in promotion during the Left government’s tenure. For so many years doctors were being given privileges following the policies of the Left. After 38 long years that deprivation has come to an end. Tripura Government promoted 277 doctors.

Nabendu also said many have joined the service as junior doctors and retired in that position. Even after the father joined the job as a junior doctor, the son also joined the service in the same position. Both retired in the same position. He claimed that people would get better services if the doctors were given proper status. With doctors benefiting, the impact will be on the general public.

He said the farmers are also benefiting from the public welfare measures of the present government. Rs 60 crore 4 lakh 54 thousand has been given as compensation to 41 thousand 581 farmers affected by natural calamities. He said in a tone of irony, farmers were called from the fields and taken to the streets during the Left era. However, instead of settling their fair dues, they blamed the Centre. He said the Left only shouted for the purchase of paddy at subsidized price. After the change of government in Tripura, the farmers have taken home the benefits.

BJP state spokesperson claimed that 576 teachers will be offered. 258 of them have already received offers. The BJP-led coalition government has also fulfilled its promise to provide a social allowance of Rs 700 in 25 years increased to Rs 2000 in four and a half years. According to him, everything is possible if there is goodwill. The BJP coalition government has done it in Tripura. Still, the left is criticizing allowances because many men’s widow’s allowance and youth’s old-age allowance have been stopped, he quipped.

According to him, after the change of government in Tripura, the BJP demanded that the list of allowances be revised. So, there has been a lot of delay because it took some time to revise the list. Thereby, many bogus allowance recipients have been delisted. BJP thanked Tripura government for all steps taken, he said.

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