BJP Legislator – NK Subba Writes To Centre; Alleging Sikkim CM’s Political Secretary Of Promoting “Religious Conversions” 

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator – NK Subba has written a letter to the Union Minister of Home Affairs & Cooperation – Amit Shah, alleging that the Sikkim’s Political Secretary to CM – Jacob Khaling has been promoting Christianity in Sikkim; thereby misusing the political post.

“Today I am shocked and pained to learn about the wild, unfounded and dubious allegations levelled against me by a Former Minister and present Dentam MLA NK Subba about my faith. It isn’t my mistake that I was born a Christian, but I surely understand it is a blessing. However I carry no animosity towards any other religion and hold all faith equally and my life stands witness to it,” – he mentioned.

“After my appointment as the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) I have had the opportunity to work for the People of Sikkim and never have I differentiate anyone in terms of religion. I have attended every religious functions be it of any faith, with utmost respect and sincerity. Photographs of different religions functions attended by me in my facebook page stand testimony to it. As a matter of fact I challenge NK Subba  to file a case against me if there is any instance where I have used my political position to work against any other religion or promote any particular religion. The rise of Christianity not just in Sikkim but also the neighbouring hill districts of Kalimpong and Darjeling has been there even before my birth. Now is it not unwise to hold me responsible for it. But from the above allegations I am surprised and pained to see an elected public representative from Sikkim hold such animosity against a particular religion. Communal animosity is unheard of here in Sikkim. Respected Lamas, Pandit’s and Pastors aren’t just next door neighbours but sometimes belong to a same family. In such a well knit society, a person like NK Subba shouldn’t be taken lightly. He truly can be a threat to our communal harmony,” – the letter further reads.

“Therefore NK Subba’s complaint of unfounded allegations against me should be an eye opener, that a mindset of power hungry characters like Dentam MLA NK Subba are even ready to play the communal card just to come back to power. They would not hesitate to create communal disharmony and ruin the peace in Sikkim, hence it is we the people who should be aware of such mindset and not allow them to sow the seed of communal disharmony in our peaceful and beautiful state of Sikkim,” – added the letter.

Its worthy to note that NK Subba recently met Shah and handed-over a compilation of news of public appearances of Jacob Khaling Rai, all for the promotion of Christianity and Christian Institutions in Sikkim.

“I believe that the assignment of the Political Secretary of a Chief Minister and the responsibility of a Pastor engaged in promoting Christianity are two different things. They should not be allowed to be mixed,” – added Subba.

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