Meghalaya : Mawmluh Cave Listed Among UNESCO’s ‘First 100 IUGS Geological Sites’ 

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Locally known as ‘Krem Mawmluh’, the Mawmluh Cave – considered as one of the prominent caves in Meghalaya, has been selected by the International Union of Geological Sciences – IUGS (UNESCO) as one of the ‘First 100 IUGS Geological Sites’ in the world.

Taking to Twitter, the Meghalaya Chief Minister – Conrad Sangma confirmed the news. “Mawmluh Cave in Sohra, Meghalaya known for the ‘Meghalayan Age’ has been selected by @theIUGS (@UNESCO) as one of the ‘FIRST 100 IUGS GEOLOGICAL SITES’ in the world.” – he wrote.

“IUGS 60th Anniversary Event in Zumaia, Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark (Spain) will declare The First 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites selected from 181 candidate sites from 56 countries.” – he further added.

Regarded as the fourth longest cave in the Indian subcontinent, this cave is situated at an altitude of 4,503 metres. The entry to this cave is located at a height of 10 feet above sea level.

Mawmluh Cave is known for the stalagmite formations and other rock formations that are found. Besides, one can also find a pool inside the cave, which is formed as an outcome of five different rivers discovering their way inside the cave.

These stalagmite records from monsoon regions, are believed to be vital for understanding past variability in the global climate system and the underlying reasons for this variability.

Its worthy to note that researchers from Vanderbilt University in the US studied the last 50 years of growth of a stalagmite from Mawmluh Cave in Meghalaya, an area credited as the rainiest place on earth. The study found an unexpected connection between winter rainfall amounts in northeast India and climatic conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

Therefore, stalagmites from Mawmluh Cave and the surrounding regions, indicates the recurrence of intense, multiyear droughts in India over the last several thousand years.

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